Love Tulsa

Love Tulsa Assistance

Please fill out the form below. All identifying information will be kept confidential by the City Church Pastoral Care Team. We will review all submissions and follow up within 24 hours.

Give Help

If you are fortunate enough to find that you do not need your stimulus check, please consider donating it to those in need. Your contribution will be tax deductible and 100% of it will go to needs in here in our own community due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Use the button below to give and make sure to choose “Love Tulsa.”


What is Love Tulsa?

Love Tulsa is a movement of Christ-followers who are passionate about taking their walk with Christ outside the walls of the church. It’s about taking the love of Christ to the schools, businesses, neighborhoods, and cultural centers of our city. By loving others we reflect Christ and open the door for real, spiritual transformation to occur. Throughout the year, this is carried out by our City Groups who collectively serve our city through various outreach projects.

Love Tulsa Sunday

Twice a year, we cancel our church services to go and be the church in our city. It’s one of our favorite times of the year, as we gather in the morning to get in our teams, eat a quick breakfast, then disperse for a morning of service outreach.