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About Us

Who We Are

To see our city transformed by the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

We believe the life of Jesus calls us to be a community of believers united in the Gospel of Jesus Christ and living on mission together to make disciples and bring the kingdom of God to earth.

Kingdom Vision for Tulsa

To raise up disciples who are making disciples, bringing the kingdom of God to all areas of our city through microchurches.

Kingdom Foundations






Kingdom Values

These are the biblical values we commit ourselves to that we believe will facilitate a movement of the gospel and disciple-making in our city.

Kingdom Redemption

The church (God’s kingdom people) exists to bring the reality of God’s kingdom to every corner of the earth. As God’s redeemed people, we are to redeem and restore each and every broken place in our world where Christ’s authority is not present.

2 Corinthians 5:17-21

Every Believer a Missionary

Every believer is a disciple, a disciple-maker, and a missionary. God calls, equips, and commissions ordinary people to go, in the authority that Christ has given us through the power of the Spirit, and make disciples.

Matthew 28:18-20

Diversity of Gifts & Callings

God has given the church a diversity of gifts, abilities, and callings to be used to serve each other, reach all kinds of people, and collectively grow into spiritual maturity. The role of church leadership is to equip the people of God to use their gifts for ministry.

Ephesians 4:1-16

Spirit-Empowered Disciples

Jesus invites every believer to be filled and empowered by the Holy Spirit—to experience His transforming presence in our lives each and every day. This Sprit enables us to walk in freedom, to live a transformed life, to bear fruit, to exercise our particular gifts, and to experience the supernatural and miraculous power of God in our lives. The Spirit of God moves our lives from ordinary to extraordinary and is essential for us to become disciple-makers.

Acts 1:8

Obedience to the Word

Scripture continually reminds us that it is not the “hearers” of the word who are His disciples but those who are committed to be “doers.” As a result, we commit ourselves to not only hearing the word but to daily obedience to the Word of God.

Matthew 7:24-27, James 1:22-25

Biblical Justice

The life of Jesus and the message of the Kingdom of God is continually moving into the margins of society to speak to those who are poor, oppressed, hurting, defenseless, in need, etc. We will take a prophetic stand against all kinds of evil, whether spiritual or societal. All sin and injustice is contrary to the kingdom of God, and by bringing God’s kingdom to reality we seek restoration of wholeness, equality, and peace in every area.

Isaiah 1:15-17, Amos 5:24, Micah 6:8, Luke 11:42, James 1:27

Radical Prayer & Abiding Relationship

Prayer is the lifeblood of every believer, every church, and every disciple-making movement. Every great movement or outpouring of God’s Spirit was started and maintained by a radical commitment to prayer and a commitment to foster a daily abiding relationship with Christ.

John 15:1-9, Mark 11:24, Luke 5:16

Gospel-Community on Mission

We believe the context for our faith and spiritual formation is found in gospel-centered, biblical community with other people. We are wholeheartedly committed to gospel-centered community with others that is formed around and focused on mission to make disciples and bring the kingdom of God to every corner of the world.

Romans 12:5, Hebrews 10:24-25, Acts 2:42-47

Stewardship & Radical Generosity

We acknowledge that God is the owner of all things and that we are called to be responsible stewards of what has been entrusted to us. As a result, we continually seek to grow in generosity, sharing with others, simplicity as a way of life, financial self-discipline/stewardship, and not allowing the power of money to control our lives.

Luke 16:1-13, Matthew 25:14-30, Acts 4:32-35


We believe a principle of the kingdom of God is exponential multiplication. As a result, we believe all things should multiply in order for a movement of the gospel to take place—multiplying disciples, leaders, disciple-makers, churches, etc.

Acts 12:24, John 12:24

Cultural Diversity

Each and every person is made in the image of God and is worthy of honor, respect, and love. We value every people, language, and culture in our city and the world and believe cultural diversity only allows us to better demonstrate the power of the gospel, a gospel that brings reconciliation, unity, and creates a multiethnic community.

Genesis 1:27, Acts 10:34-48, Revelation 5:9-10

God at Work

The Spirit of God is constantly and continually at work in our lives and those all around us, whether they are a follower of Christ or not. As a result, we don’t need to manufacture a move of God, a disciple-making movement, or transformation in the lives of people. Instead, we acknowledge that God is already at work all around us, and we position ourselves in obedience to come alongside Him in this work.

Acts 8:26-40

Risk & Innovation

The Spirit of God does not lead us into deeper places of comfort and convenience but to deeper places of trust, risk, and adventure. The only way to innovation is to accept the possibility of failure and to continually trust God as we prayerfully take steps of faith.

Proverbs 3:5, Matthew 25:14-30, 2 Timothy 1:7

Empowering & Sending

The role of the church and church leadership is to empower and send the people of God into the work of kingdom ministry. We will equip, release, and celebrate those who are sent out into their calling and the work of kingdom redemption.

John 20:21, John 17:18, Acts 13:2-4, Luke 10:1-2

Collaboration & Unity

A kingdom vision goes beyond one particular church or organization and looks to develop strategic partnerships with others, foster unity within the body of Christ, and find the places, people, and organizations in our city where God is already at work.

John 17:20-23

How We Do It

Sunday Morning

Our gatherings are to worship God, learn truth from the scriptures, and connect and serve the body of Christ.


Microchurch is a community of people committed to living out the ways of Jesus. We regularly gather in small groups centered on scripture and look for opportunities to reach those outside the group.


Sent is a posture of serving. We love and serve our city through Love Tulsa. We serve people around the world on Missions. We equip people to go and serve through Pathway and other classes we offer throughout the year.

Our Story

In 2009, a small group of people began gathering in midtown Tulsa with a similar heartbeat and vision. We came together around a shared passion to see people discover Jesus, to serve our community, and to see our city transformed by the gospel of Jesus Christ.

It started with dinner in our homes where we would invite our neighbors, co-workers, and friends to eat with us. It started with people showing up at community events with trash bags ready to serve. It started with evening gatherings in our living rooms praying for people, studying the book of Acts, and dreaming about what God could do in our city. As God added to our church, we decided to launch our first Sunday morning gathering on January 31st, 2010. That first year we grew to 125 people and saw over 50 people make decisions to follow Jesus.

Today, our church has grown to reach people who are far from God, to serve our city, to build deep, biblical community, and to see our city transformed by the gospel of Jesus Christ. God is doing something special and we invite you to partner with us!