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City Youth Leaders

Our purpose as City Youth is to develop a community of students who are fascinated with Jesus. Everything we do revolves around this. 6th-12th grade is easily the most influential part of a student’s life. It’s a time of discovery that begins to write the story of who they will become. Every day, students are surrounded by different stories, and they will inevitably choose to base their own life on the best story they are presented with. Our job as leaders is to present them with a better story.


City Youth leaders live by this one simple phrase: I Am With You. This is why we exist as leaders. What made Jesus such an incredible leader to the disciples was His continual presence in their lives. This is something that we are committed to. Students don’t need another passing face. They need someone who is present; they need someone that, through the most crucial time of their lives, is with them. What we also know about students is that you can’t go deep with them until you’ve first had fun with them. So in our presence with them, we are sure to have a blast! And we are quite good at it too.


Leadership often requires costly sacrifice, but once we see how much impact our sacrifice makes, there is no amount of sacrifice that costs too much. Leadership in City Youth consists of 3 components.

  1. Our leaders play a huge role in our Wednesday Night service and on a typical week serve from 6:00p-9:30pm. Our leaders have a big influence on what goes on at City Youth and sometimes that requires some additional preparation too.
  2. Our leaders are on a Sunday morning serving rotation where once every few months they act as the face of City Youth connecting with new families that come into City Church.
  3. Most importantly, our leaders are connecting with their inner circle, their small crew of 1-3, throughout the week. These 3 components are what makes us as City Youth leaders able to see the vision of who we are achieved.


Although we pride ourselves in our excellent services and events, our goal in all of this is not to be known for our productions. What City Youth strives to be known for is our love and our commitment to being with students through every season. If this is something that you want to join us in click here and tell us about yourself. We are excited about having you come with us on the journey of seeing students become fascinated with Jesus.

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