Ways to help during the COVID19 Pandemic

We are experiencing an unprecedented time in modern church history and have been given the opportunity to live out the Acts church model in our own context.

  • Call and check on the elderly, those will small kids, and immunocompromised in your community.
  • Get groceries for them. Use your shopt/Instacart account if you can’t shop yourself.
  • Share your toilet paper and hand sanitizer.
  • Make homemade fliers with your name and number and put them on the door of your neighbors.
  • Offer a humor outlet for quarantined people (podcasts, comedians, etc)
  • Order through smile.amazon.com so part of the proceeds supports a charity that can help in this time.
  • Sponsor a Care Portal need.
  • Care packages for first responders and hospital workers.
  • Virtual visits at nursing homes
  • Offering tutoring through FaceTime
  • Gift cards for grocery store workers
  • Hospitality House needs meals – prepared or frozen. Can be dropped off from 8:30 – 5:00 Monday through Saturday. Call to have them come to your car and pick them up 918-794-0088
Tulsa Dream Center has multiple ways to help:
  1. Drop off food during business hours
  2. Text/call about gathering food you’d like to donate, even if you can’t leave your home: 412-496-4594
  3. Volunteers over the next few days to sort groceries and put together bags. These will be isolated areas and very small groups.
Follow the color code by putting whatever you have in your home on the door to communicate, flags, placards, signs, fabrics, etc. You can also wear these colors while in public to communicate the same things. Visit thecolorcode.org for more info:
  • Yellow – Isolated in home
  • Blue – Vulnerable folks in this home, like elders
  • Red – Supplies are needed
  • White – I have extra supplies for others
  • Purple – Folks with disabilities are in this home
  • Green – General showing of unity and solidarity with others