Big Team Game

Big Team Tulsa Zoo Scavenger Hunt


  • Your scavenger hunt team is your dinner table. 
  • Appoint one person on your team to be the team photographer/videographer. 
  • Tag @citychurchtulsa in all your mission submissions. 
    • Must be a story posted to one teammates instagram (video or photo)
  • To complete a mission, select one from the list below and follow the instructions to receive the mission-specific points. 
  • For every mission you’ll be submitting a photo or video through one teammate’s InstaStory by tagging @citychurchtulsa
  • Once you’ve tagged @citychurchtulsa and posted your story a judge will verify the challenge and award you points. All submissions are subject to review by the organizer. 
  • Some challenges involve bonus points and each team is eligible for bonus points if your submission is extra impressive!
  • All teams must be back in the Event Center exactly 35 minutes from the start. Point deductions will be given for late teams. 
  • When time runs out, organizers will tally and announce the final scores after they review the submissions. 
  • As a final treat, the organizer will put together a slideshow of the best photos & videos.




The team that is awarded the most points – through missions and bonus points – wins. 

Gather Your Gaggle - Photo - 900 POINTS

Select your social media guru (SMG), snap a team pick, and post to the SMGs Instagram Story @citychurchtulsa #yourteamname. 500 point bonus for 1st team to post. 500 point bonus for most creative team name. 

Long Live the King - Video - 1000 POINTS 

Find one of the Wildlife Trek signs, take a video of a team member holding another team member on the edge of the rock like Scar and Mufasa in The Lion King. (Be careful not to lose your balance or drop anyone from a high place!)

Around the World - Photo or Video - 1200 POINTS 

Find the Fountain Globe. Have your team spin the world on its axis. Photo or Video. 

Not My Wings - Video - 800 POINTS 

Find the pollinator garden near the elephants. Have at least two team members act out pollinating flowers with one team member as the "body" and the other as the "wings", flying from flower to flower. Video. 

The Floor is Lava - Video - 1000 POINTS 

Take a video of your team playing "The Floor is Lava" in the Lost Kingdom.  Video. 

Birds of a Feather - Photo - 400 POINTS

Find two (or more) Big Team attendees dressed identically. Bonus points to the biggest "flock".  Photo. 

Piggy Back - Photo or Video - 500 POINTS

Have a member of another team give a teammate a piggy back ride. Photo or Video. 

Personification - Photo - 200 POINTS

Find an animal sign, picture, or statue that personifies a team member. Photo of team member and sign. 

'Merica - Video - 1200 POINTS 

Find the Bald Eagles. Have your team sing a top 4th of July song with fervor. Video.

Barkour - Video - 400 POINTS 

Show off your parkour skills by jumping over an object in style. Video.

Egypt Here We Come - Photo - 600 POINTS 

Construct the largest human pyramid you possibly can. Must be at least 3 levels. Photo or Video.

FierceBook - Photo - 400 POINTS 

Start a Facebook page for a Tulsa Zoo animal. 500 point bonus to the page with the most fans by the end of the hunt. Screenshot page once created and upload. Screenshot page at end of Scavenger Hunt and upload. 

Ribbit - Video - 500 POINTS 

Play a leisurely game of leapfrog in the park. Video. 

All Aboard!  - Photo - 1200 POINTS 

Take a photo of your entire team on the Zoo Train. 

Play Dead - Photo - 600 POINTS 

Take a photo with 5 or more people lying down "playing dead" simultaneously. 

Stowaway - Photo - 800 POINTS 

Travel in style and have your entire team pile into the rhino crate. Photo. 

Monumental  - Photo - 400 POINTS 

Find one of the many statues and monuments (non-animal) or any item dedicated with a plaque. Photograph your team next to your find!

Monkey Business - Photo - 600 POINTS 

Take a photo of a teammate going across the monkey bars or hanging from playground equipment.

Bare Necessities  - Video - 600 POINTS 

Take a video of your team singing a song to one of the animals! 100 point bonus for animal-themed songs. 

No Filter  - Photo - 400 POINTS 

No specific rules to this one, simply take the most stunning photo of the zoo, an animal or your team as you can.

Bird Watching - Photo - 200 POINTS 

Take the best photo you can of a bird in the wilderness. Can’t find one? Better get somebody on your team to do their best impersonation!

Animal Tracker - Photo - 200 POINTS 

Spot any tracks on the ground that an animal might have left behind? Take a photo of your find. Make sure a teammate’s hand is next to the imprint for scale!

National Geographic - Video - 400 POINTS 

Take a video of your team members roaming the great wilderness. Have the camera-person narrate the team’s movements and interactions David Attenborough style.

Dance Monkeys! - Photo - 800 POINTS 

Get at least 6 people to dance in front of the Chimpanzee Connection. Video. 

Goin' Boatin' - Photo - 400 POINTS 

Find a boat. Have all team members less one get in the boat. Photo.

Surf's Up Dude - Photo - 400 POINTS 

Find a surf board. Have at least one team member act out catching a big wave. Photo.

Turtle Club - Photo - 1000 POINTS 

Find the tortoise statues. Have all team members pile onto the statues. Photo. 

Tight Squeeze - Photo - 1000 POINTS 

Locate a dairy wagon. Fit the entire team less one member inside. Photograph.

ROOOOAAAR!!! - Video - 800 POINTS 

Have a teammate do their best impersonation of a zoo animal in front of that animal's enclosure (sound and behavior). Video.

EyeSpy - Photo or Video - 700 POINTS 

Find the wooden statue next to the McCaw Grill.  Photo or video (zoom) what the statue is pointing to. 

Circle of Life - Video - 500 POINTS 

Find a large rock, take a photo of a team member holding another team member on the rock like Simba in The Lion King. (Be careful not to lose your balance or drop anyone from a high place!)

Kiss of the Dragon - Photo or Video - 500 POINTS 

Find the komodo dragon. Have at least one member plant a kiss on those lizard lips. Photo or video. 

Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon - Video - 1300 POINTS 

Find either the komodo dragon or the snow leopard. Have at least 4 teammates act out a brief martial arts fight near, on or around the animal exhibits. Video. Bonus points to the most intense fight scene. 

Shell of a Rhyme - Video - 900 POINTS 

Have a teammate improvise their best wrap about the Aldabra Tortoises. Must include their names.  Video. 

I Wanna Be Like You - Photo - 500 POINTS 

Have a teammate pose inside the chimp frame. Photo. 

Stand Tall - Photo - 700 POINTS 

Find the giraffe exhibit. Have at least two teammates stack onto each other's shoulders and say "hi" eye-to-eye to the giraffes.  Photo.

On Thin Ice - Video - 500 POINTS 

Find the penguins. Have your whole team walk like penguins on ice. Video. 

Meerkat Manor - Video - 800 POINTS 

Find the meerkats. Have at least two of your teammates search each other for fleas. Video

Pack of Wild Dogs - Video - 1000 POINTS 

Find the African Painted Dogs. Have your team howl to the moon (or at the wild dogs). Video. 

Caught in the Wild - Video - 700 POINTS 

Find a City Church staff member. Have one or more of your teammates sneak up on him/her, capture them, and relocate them to safety. Video. 

Eye of the Tiger - Video - 500 POINTS

Find the bronze tiger statue. Have at least one team member sing "Eye of the Tiger" to the statue. Video.

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