Lent/Fasting Information & Resources

What is Lent?
The 40 days leading up to Easter, where a follower of Jesus gives themselves to prayer, fasting, self-examination, and repentance.
When is Lent?
It officially begins Wednesday, February 26th (Ash Wednesday) and ends Thursday, April 9th (the day before Good Friday).
Why Lent? Why do we follow the Christian calendar?
As early as the mid 2nd century the early church begin reorienting their calendar around the saving events of the life of Jesus instead of the culture around them. Lent is a part of this Christian calendar along with Advent, Christmas, Epiphany, Holy Week, Easter, and Pentecost. Lent follows a biblical pattern throughout the Bible (Moses, Elijah, Jesus) of fasting for 40 days. Lent is a time to prepare our hearts and build anticipation for Holy Week and the resurrection of Easter. The goal is to let go of the things in our lives in order to give our attention to Christ in a special way. During this time we develop a deeper hunger for God, experience breakthroughs in certain areas of our lives, and establish new patterns and rhythms as we break old patterns and rhythms.
Can I break my fast on Sundays?
That is completely up to you. According to historical church tradition, Sundays are not counted during Lent because it is a day when the fast is broken (celebrated as mini-Easters or mini-celebrations along the Lent journey).
What do we do during Lent?
  • Fast – Fasting is a biblical and ancient spiritual practice that reveals our excessive attachment to things
  • Repent – Repentance is a regular returning to God with a humble and contrite heart
  • Pray – make time for intentional prayer, solitude, and space for God
  • Receive God’s forgiveness and extravagant love
What should you fast during Lent?
  • Anything that is out of balance, you may not have control over, or feel enslaved to
  • Something you can give up that represents a sacrifice
  • Eliminating something that would free up space for more focused attention on God and spiritual formation
  • Examples: Food (full, partial, or Daniel fast), social media, alcohol/caffeine/sugar, overwork, tv/movies, cell phone use, anything you may be excessively attached to.
What are some examples of food fasts?
  • Full Fast: Drink only liquids (if you’ve never attempted a full fast don’t start here and be sure to consult a professional/physician before trying it)
  • Daniel Fast: Eat no meat, no sweets and no bread. Drink water and juice. Eat fruits and vegetables. (check out http://daniel-fast.com for more information)
  • 3-Day Intervals Fast: Full fast, Daniel fast, or give up at least one item of food in 3 day intervals
  • Sunrise to Sundown Fast: Fast during the day from sunup to sundown
  • Partial Fast: Examples include fasting for lunch or from 6am-3pm daily, or sunup to sundown, etc. 
List of recommended Lent devotional to purchase:
Important Dates on the Lenten Journey:
  • Feb 26 – Ash Wednesday (the beginning of Lent)
  • April 5 – Palm Sunday
  • April 9 – The official end of the Lent season
  • April 10 – Good Friday
  • April 12 – Easter Sunday

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