Spiritual Practices

Solitude: Spending extended time on your own with God away from other people.

Silence: Spending time in silence before the Lord, with a quiet mind so that you can be I name, listen, and discern the Lord’s wisdom.

Fasting: Abstaining from food, water, or other things you hunger for in order to hunger more deeply for God.

Frugality: Living on less as a way to stem consumption, give more generously, or trust God to provide for your needs.

Chastity/Faithfulness: Reserving your heart, soul, mind, and body for the love of God – and if married, also for your spouse. Even married couples may sense the need for brief times of chastity to seek only God.

Secrecy: Doing things for God and others without receiving acknowledgement or praise, as a way to learn to live for God’s approval instead of the approval of others.

Listening: Taking a posture of listening to the Spirit as you go throughout your day. Listening for His thoughts, wisdom, and guidance.

Study: Reading, studying, meditating upon, and memorizing God’s word. Hiding God’s word in our hearts and craving His words to us.

Sabbath: Ceasing from all work (normally for a day) as a way to rest in God’s presence and trust Him with future provision.

Worship: Honoring God with all that we are and all that we say; praising Him for who He is and declaring Him worthy of all honor.

Celebration: Thanking God for the good things He has created and done, rejoicing in the big and small gifts of life.

Service/Servanthood: Jesus took on the posture of a servant and so do we- seeking to serve God and those around us.

Prayer: Always talking to and listening to the Father; asking for His will to be done on earth and interceding on behalf of others.

Fellowship: Spending time with other believers for the sake of encouragement, worship, study, prayer, and celebration.

Confession: Agreeing with God about your sin and brokenness, knowing that He forgives, and bringing this honesty into your relationships with others, seeking their forgiveness as well.

Submission: Considering others’ needs above your own, and laying down your own desires for the sake of the Kingdom.

Generosity: Giving freely and joyfully of our time, energy, and resources to God, His Kingdom, and those in need.

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If you’re interested in learning more about City Church and partnering with us as we reach people for Jesus, we would like to personally invite you to join us for Dinner with the Staff. It’s a time to connect with our staff and hear the vision and heart behind our church. It’s only one hour long, it’s completely free, and we even provide childcare!


Live out the gospel in community with others as we commit ourselves to becoming disciples and making disciples. Pathway is a 4-week class designed to help you discover and live out God’s unique mission for your life.

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Live out the gospel in community with others as we commit ourselves to becoming disciples and making disciples.


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